Epiphany in Romania (British Pathe)

Priests of the Orthodox Church carry religious items and icons in a long procession. The patriarch (the figure with the white beard possibly) appears to be blessing people lining the route with holy water. Behind the Patriarch walks King Carol and his young son, Prince Michael – they are wearing military uniform. Behind them walk other dignitaries.

The patriarch leads the King and the Prince down stone steps to the edge of the river. Ahead of them scurries a stills cameraman. The King receives the consecrating cross from the primate and throws it into the river. Several men in white robes run into the river in an attempt to retrieve the cross. One of the men finds the cross and holds it up above his head. The stills photographer is taking pictures. (The voice over describes the men as four peasants dressed in their night clothes). The peasants walk up the steps to hand the cross back to he primate and the King.

Priests in procession through the streets of Bucharest. The King and Prince are seen once more. Line up of Prince Michael, King Carol II and various dignitaries (including one in a wonderful shiny helmet). According to the voice over this ceremony allows the waters to be used for baptisms.


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