The Summer Course

Cisnădioara, 29 August – 5 September 2007 

There are a number of questions that the participants at this Summer Course will try to address: how can phenomenology contribute to a better understanding of the religious life, in general? What are the limits of the phenomenological description, and of the hermeneutical enterprise, when it comes to a philosophical understanding of the sacred? What is the room left for the narrative within the world of noetic abstractions? Which are the major theological challenges met by those phenomenologists who, against the lures of relativism, still work under the classical presuppositions of universal rationality? 

Finally, which are the institutional outcomes of the encounter between phenomenology and theology, for the University space in particular, and the public forum, in general? Could a new understanding of politics, sociality or human personhood emerge after the cross-fertilisation between the word of faith, and the world of reason? The Summer School will be held in English and French, being opened to 22 young students (enrolled in MA or PhD programs), having concrete interest in the topic “phenomenology and theology.” 

The admission is made on the basis of  an application including: 
(1) The Curriculum Vitae of the candidate 
(2) The statement of purpose reflecting the student’s interest in the topic  
(3) The abstract of a paper to be held during the Summer Course.

Deadline for candidature: 20th May 2007 

COORDINATORS: Paul Balogh, Cătălin Buciumeanu, Cristian Ciocan, Mihail Neamţu, Bogdan Tătaru-Cazaban 



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